Privacy Statement

Privacy statement

Effective as of June 2021


Roxul Inc. and Roxul USA Inc. (“ROCKWOOL”) is committed to safeguarding your privacy. The protection of personal data is important to us and we only process personal data in compliance with the applicable data protection requirements, in particular the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR“). For that reason ROCKWOOL has implemented a set of Binding Corporate Rules (“BCRs“), introducing data protection requirements to be complied with by the ROCKWOOL Group worldwide.

In connection with our business activities we, as data controller, process the personal data of our customers, job applicants, suppliers, users of our websites and apps as well as visitors and other third parties as described further in Section. C.

This Privacy Statement will inform you on what personal data we process, how we collect it and for which purpose(s) we may use it. Furthermore, we will inform you about your rights as data subject.

This Privacy Statement is provided in a layered format so you can navigate to the specific areas set out below.



A. The data controller
A. The data controller
B. Contact
C. Information on the processing of personal data
D. Transfers within the ROCKWOOL Group
E. Disclosure and transfer to third parties
F. Security
G. Your rights as data subject
H. Links to other websites
I. Changes to this Privacy Statement

A. The data controller

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