Impacting care with high-performing ceilings

Rockfon’s ceiling solutions offer acoustic, infection control and aesthetic benefits that impact the vitally important functionality, safety and atmosphere of medical facilities. 

As healthcare providers work to protect their patients and wider population from the spread of disease, deliver effective care and encourage healing, they rely on their built environment to provide a safe, clean and comfortable space. Perhaps now more than ever, healthcare facilities need to be built and renovated with evidence-based design that supports reduced treatment times and increased levels of patient satisfaction.

With stone wool tiles, metal ceiling panels and suspension grid systems, Rockfon has an acoustic ceiling solution for every design goal.

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Optimized for Better Performance

Rockfon’s acoustic ceiling tiles feature high NRC ratings helping create a comfortable space for recovery.

Affecting recovery time for patients and overall occupant satisfaction, noise in healthcare settings needs to be addressed with acoustic design optimized for the space.  

Using the Optimized Acoustics approach with Rockfon’s high NRC medical ceiling tiles and panels, healthcare facilities can meet and exceed acoustics standards. Download our design guide to learn the standards and guidelines.   

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Care and cleaning

Minimize maintenance while maximizing infection control

Specifically designed with durability and cleanability in mind, Rockfon’s medical range of ceiling tiles offer unique benefits. They can easily be cleaned with a vacuum or damp cloth. In areas where infection control is a priority, Rockfon Medical Plus and Medical Air are specially treated to allow cleaning with diluted disinfectants and can be steam cleaned. Additionally, our stone wool ceiling tiles and metal ceiling panels will not sag or fall out of the grid, making them a high-performing, long-lasting solution.

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